"The clear awareness of having been born into a losing struggle need not lead one into despair. I do not especially like the idea that one day I shall be tapped on the shoulder and informed, not that the party is over but that it is most assuredly going on—only henceforth in my absence. (It’s the second of those thoughts: the edition of the newspaper that will come out on the day after I have gone, that is the more distressing.) Much more horrible, though, would be the announcement that the party was continuing forever, and that I was forbidden to leave. Whether it was a hellishly bad party or a party that was perfectly heavenly in every respect, the moment that it became eternal and compulsory would be the precise moment that it began to pall."
Christopher Hitchens, Hitch-22: A Memoir (via feellng)

Garbage - Only happen when it rains
"For exactly the same reason, it is sometimes satisfying to cut yourself and bleed. On those grey days where eight in the morning looks no different from noon and nothing has happened and nothing is going to happen and you are washing a glass in the sink and it breaks - accidentally - and punctures your skin. And then there is this shocking red, the brightest thing in the day, so vibrant it buzzes, this blood of yours. That is okay sometimes because at least you know you’re alive."
Augusten Burroughs (Running with Scissors) 

Zachary Robinson from Swim Deep

Swim Deep <3
"I’m not very good at writing retrospectively. The majority of my lyrics are written on the back of fag packets, and then I try not to touch them once I’ve thought of them. What is difficult is thinking ‘do people really give a fuck’ because we work really hard on our music. Now that we’ve had validation of our music and people are starting to know who we are a little bit, I think the hardest thing beforehand is thinking ‘why am I investing so much of myself into this if people aren’t gonna give a shit?’ And now I think at least there’s a handful of people who really will care how I feel about myself, so that makes it easier. But writing music is my only form of expression, so it’s not the question of whether it’s an honest form, it’s my only form."

Matty Healy (The 1975)

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